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KEA Weather Station, one of the first Automatic Weather Station in India has been operational since the year 2004. Started by K. Ehsan Ahmed (hence the name KEA) from the simple interest to know the outside temperature and follow the rainfall readings. Started off with a basic website, then slowly added other features like WeatherFlash for live weather, webcam, Blog and Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus updates.


Location - Chennai. It is hardly a km away from Nungambakkam Observatory. Station is located at 13N 80.15 coordinates and installed on the terrace at approx. 45 feet elevation.


Weather Station - First weather station was Oregon Scientific WMR968 model. This was operational until Dec 31st, 2004. This was replaced with Davis Vantage Pro 2 wireless weather station. Due to wear and tear after almost 10 years, Davis Vantage Vue was installed on Nov 1st, 2014. Vantage Vue went online on November 12th, 2014.


Software details - Virtual weather station software. Weather Flash software is used simultaneously for live updates.


Web camera - IP camera has been installed facing North direction with live video.


Social Networking -  KeaWeather updates are also available thru Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. There is also a Youtube channel available for videos.


Website - is one of the most popular weather site in the country. It gets more than a million hits a year from all over the world. All weather records since the year Oct 2004 are available in the website.


Blog - KeaWeather blog was started way back in 2006/07. Popularity of the blog grew from 2010 onwards. During the NEM we get more than 40,000 hits a day. Today we use Disqus blog in Wordpress platform.


Weather Station - Davis Vantage Vue


Software - Virtual Weather Station