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About KWS

Kea Weather Station (KWS) has been in operational since 2004. Started of as an accident, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Started by K. Ehsan Ahmed (hence the name Kea Weather) with a simple interest to know the temperature outside and to follow rains.

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Weather Station

Davis Vantage Vue was installed on Nov 1st, 2014 and went online on November 12th, 2014. Eariler Weather station David Vantage Pro2 lasted almost 9 years.

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Vitrual Weather station (VWS) software has been in function since August, 2004. Live updates are send thru Weather flash software using Ajax scripts. 

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Foscam IP camera has been installed facing East and West direction. Images are uploaded automatically every 3-5 mintues. Timelapse vidoes are available in YouTube channel.

Social media

KeaWeather updates are also available thru Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is also a Youtube channel available for videos. Breathaking images posted by bloggers are saved in Keaweather Instagram account.

Website and Blog is the home page of Keaweather and is one of the top weather sites in the country. Live weather is updated automatically every 3 seconds. Both blog and live weather is hosted in domain. During NEM season there is non stop action 24 hours a day.

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