My interest in weather strangely did not start with the Bay of Bengal. It started by the side of the Atlantic, when I was in the US for my studies. I was fascinated by the snowstorms and the freezing winters. Maybe that's why I like extreme weathers. KeaWeather started like the discovery of Tea by accident. In March 2003, I purchased an Oregon Scientific weather station during one of the business trips. The purpose of the weather station was just to record max and min rainfall and follow the rare Chennai event, Rainfall. Sixteen months later, the screen of the console cracked and the rest is history. Everything fell into place one by one. Thankfully I had saved the carton box, found some familiar looking cable. The next 1 hour was like magic, one thing lead to another and was sending data online in no time. Then came another accident, started off a wordpress blog in 2005, not knowing what it was. Unfortunately closed it within few days to the dismay of Kartick Raghavan(sole blogger). Few years later with more trial and error managed to start a sucessful blog. It feels happy to see so many bloggers participating in the blog and many more silent observers. Hope we can continue with the good work and keep on growing. Thanks to all the experts and the youngsters in the group for their dedication and passion. Hope we all stay together as a team and achieve much bigger success in the years to come.

- Ehsan (KeaWeather)

Those days we only rely on models. Then blog went viral in learning. I personally learnt a lot from Rajesh Sir and then from our Sel on steering. Steering of Cyclone was fascinating. These days when the cyclone fOrms, we kea bloggers are best in steering we can say the landfall days in advance so perfectly.. Nilam was a the learning curve for me and studied the behaviour from Sel. From then on, we have never failed when it comes to Cyclone The day we tracked Nilam was awesome. We were awake the whole night. That was 1st time we came in news. Thanks to Shalini, ToI. She was best from the press i have met till date. She wrote many articles about Kea weather. Now she is editor and no more covers weather. Keablog is best in steering now among them Susa, Sel, GTS are the experts.

- Pradeep John (Tamil Nadu Weatherman)

I was introduced to Kea Blog by my brother in November 2010.. When cyclone Jal gave us good rains at around 10 am. I was following the blog regularly from 2011 SWM and made my first posts during that time, when I used to spend most of my time in the terrace. One day I remember that I saw a hailshaft on September 6th 2011 and made a post on it, but was kalaichifyed for that by ODM!!!! Then there was a hailstorm on that day and that was one of my first posts in Kea blog. I was fascinated by weather and kept trying to understand everything. Soon, I became a regular poster, especially from 2012 onwards, that too when we had a dry period for 5 months. The blog was still active which surprised me a lot. One of my favourite spells to have been tracked was the December 2010 depression which rescued NEM for Chennai and made it excess for TN. I read every comment in the blog, but was very hesitant to post. Vinodh anna used to make the mood optimistic and sel used to learn from him with every post!! From then, when there were only some 5 regular posters and other occasional bloggers to now where the blog seems flooded, it's been an amazing experience!!

- Sudharshan (SUSA)

I happened to stumble across Kea weather by chance actually! Little did I know that time that I would grow so passionate about this.. Back in 2009...I was using the weather widget in my Dad's laptop to see what the temperature was like at any given time... I used to love that. But one day my dad went to Mumbai with the laptop. Not knowing what to do I went to the desktop and Googled "live Chennai weather " . Kea metsite was the first of the search results. It all started there :) but it was 2013 by the time I joined the blog and started blogging here... hope this continues for many years to come ! Blogging here is an excellent stress buster.. barring the disappointment from elusive TS that is .. :D I hope that soon I will contribute something to the blog that is something out of my own flair and thoughts.

- Rohit Santhosh

I also want to share my experience. I was watching kea blog from August 2014. I was reading many topic and i couldn't comment. Because i don't know to create account. Then i stopped seeing kea blog. Then on 17th 2014 (nem onset day) October Friday morning i saw a topic. I wqs happy.,!!!! The topic was easterlies to provide rains to chennai..!! I was happy then i saw severe rains that day. Then i thought kea blog is most reliable. Then my bro created a account for me on oct 20.then i started to comment!!! I had knowledge of weather since 2011.thanks to kea who made this wonderful platform for weather lovers so we can explore ourselves! Thanks to my best ever teachers and friends of weather like partha, selva, pj, vinod chellam, sir who thought me about me weather so much and "best ever thanks to my best ever friend, best teacher of weather " Dr. Rsrao sir" " and to all bloggers including kea =ehsan sir for creating this wonderful platform and" i salute for ur hard work kea sir ! ! "and all Bloggers for me for all time! Thanks ! Kudos kea =ehsan =sir !!

- Ameen Bijli

I would like to share my experience too. It was first in the year 2010 , during Cyclone Jal , I came to know this blog. I remember the Topic was , "Future Chennai Cyclone Jal". When I just happened to open that page, I was shocked to see some people discussing about weather and GFS model runs. Until 2009 "THE HINDU" newspaper was the only place were i was able to watch weather related news, and later it was Business Line Vinson Kurian's phrases that enabled me with some technical terms. And from then this blog has taught me a lot in my passionate field and I feel blessed today. Thanks to Vinodh, Selva, PJ and many other seniors who have inspired me a lot .

- Gokul (GTS)

To say this after joining KEA and being here for almost 3 years, i saw the blog in 2009 June itself. However i was not able to join that time since i did not realise the importance of this blog. I was seeing it as someone writing something but how can a normal person predict weather without proper qualification, so i left the page. Once again i saw this page on September 21st 2012 and joined immediately, since then not going out, that is the transformation.

- ParthaSri

Not an active contributor here. I don't remember exactly when i bumped into this blog. To date, i passionately go through this blog daily as a custom and pass weather info shared here to my family and colleagues. One of my office colleague - who still has doubt whether BOB is in West or East coast - has started enquiring regularly about the sunshine and rains :)

- Bala

Hi all, i started following the blog from 2011 december onwards at the time when cyclone thane was to hit us. on that the day topic was " 2011 could end on wet note" something like that. That day onward I became curious to follow day to day updates in the blog.

- Muffadal

thought I have a poor memory, I think I joined in 2013..noting much I blogged ,rather I was a silent spectator for a while, learing from experts, now i believe , got some knowledge about weather by seeing few radars and charts etc.but still long way to understand mother nature. Which is not in our control,infact we are in her control and she dictates. Leaving us as spectators. i would personally like to thank ehsan,PJ,GTS,raoji, and rest of all fellow bloggers who dedicate their time and energy to make us understand how nature works..

- Gopal Gowri

Hy guys..i joined on 2013..when i first joined it was raining heavily in kk nagar.think so NEM ONSET....yes that day i caught well in rains...thn slowly i become a gud popular member in blo...i love rains..slowly i am just learning about best frds in the blog are ameen,steve,sai,paul...and best uncles like pj ,partha ji,velaji,gts,gopal sir ,kea and many my best times in the life was when i joined this blog Kudos to.kea...

- Cyclone Deepak

Everyone shared their experience about Kea Blog i already told a para about my experience before i wanted to be a consistent blogger..and i made sure to put a comment in all topic from the day i joined thanks to the blog who helped me to be popular in my school and family they have also kept a name for me in my family called Kutty ramana as i got up in the midnight to see the rains and check my RG... but a thank you KEA for the oppurtunity you have given to youngsters like me. i also got good friends here... THANK YOU KEA

- Vijayfan

I seriously don't remember how i landed in this blog...i am a big rain lover from my school days. my preference when i turn my T.V on, would be daily 7 PM B.B.C weather news. slowly ,i got addicted & it was during 2014 NEM end , i started blogging here. big rain bands approached chennai from south east around 5pm & entire city got good rains. still remember the P.J sir words & the confidence in his forecast that day " sensing some thing special" . till then i haven't missed even a single day here. good to see lot of weather lovers & experts here .the passion i see in those people here , its some thing special & i haven't seen even in big people of few companies where i worked...learned a lot since then but still a long way to go but thanks to Kea for providing the platform...

- Naresh Kumar

so some nostalgic moments... I was a silent reader since 2010,by 2013 appeared as Neer Kaati- நீர் காட்டி in WordPress and latter, didn't feel good about the kea's exclusive domain ; bluish with lot of rooms, finally here i'm with a new avatar. (here is a contest ;who is a neer kaati in some parts of Tamil-villages?)

- Pugee

I first started perusing KEA from the US. All other Chennai weather sites were extremely unreliable. Call it sheer coincidence or irony, but I had just returned to Chicago from a town named Madras, Or in the US when I chanced upon KEA. I blog on KEA because I love the Earth and all phenomena associated with it. Chennai comes first, of course.

- Weather Bug

I actually started seeing KEA metsite and our blog from NEM 2010 where a Depression headed towards andhra and there was continuous heavy rains for 2 days :)I'll never forget that day! I never blogged as I was a kid that time and didn't know if kids were allowed to blog here.So I keenly watch our blog daily and give weather updates to my families and friends :) I've learnt a lot right from my 10th std seeing Selva anna,GTS,PJ,Partha,Rao ji and many other experts commenting so many nice information about weather! and the main thing was what ever said by kea blog members happened,irrespective to the news updates I see for rain holidays during my childhood :P One of my all time favourite blog our KEA blog is. Been 5 years since I started seeing this blog and days just flies! Hope to give more weather updates from my side and keep this blog interesting :) Love u all! This is my 5th year in this blog and just happy to continue blogging forever :D Thanks Ehsan for giving such a wonderful platform for all weather enthusiasts.You have done a wonderful job for all young weather lovers like us! Really proud to be a member of this group :)

- Rohit Santhosh

I also want to share my experience. I am watching kea blog from September 2013. BeforeI use to visit many sites ssearching for weather. One day when I search in Google chennai weather. I got this site kea weather. First I thought this site belongs to imd . I never use to comment but follow the blog. Then in the month of May 2014 my grandfather asked me whether any chance of rain in gingee. I asked that question in kea blog and Vela responded that there is good chance of rain in gingeefor this week.I told my grandfather and next day there was heavy rain there. From then I follow only kea blog for any weather related issues. I t has also thought me about radar and many other ideas about the weather. I want to thank all of the kea bloggers who give so much information which we cannot get in other sites.

- Asad

My experience is short and sweet, I Google a lot to see predictions which favours only chennai, like Gokul mentioned, my turning point is also JAL cyclone and after a year break thane makes me to feel good about this blog in fact I followed this blog for almost 2 years because i hate typing and rather satisfied to read comments, i remember susa in 2012 tracked many system's and disappointed. finally i started blogging from 2013....

- Jeetender

I would like to share my experience too. I first came across this blog in 2012 November. I was too fed up with so many dry days and being over-reliant on news channels. So i ventured myself and found this blog thanks to google. I did not understand about this blog at first. Then i saw somebody posting 'Rain rain rain rain rain in my area'. I think it was Paul abraham. From then on i started to visit this blog during NEM. Was only a spectator till 2014 November.

- Raghavendra

I remember kea n some were having trouble reading radar at first :P told em to plot like graph maisuh was also assisting..pj n others went ahead mastering ppi vvp bak was all based on models n forecasts from sites..then came more expertise based on mjo n steerings etc with new bloggers..

- Jon

I started seeing this blog since friend suggested this site to see the rains for nunga.i was elated to c and since then continuing atleast as an observer.

- Grully

I started follow this blog from Thane cyclone, but till 2013, i visit this blog when ever there is a news about cyclone crossing Tamil Nadu only. When I was fed up with late updates about Cyclones by IMD, I googled and found this wonderful blog, both informative, and interactive ,and also allowing lay man like me, to convey their comments, most of the other blogs are just giving information about weather.

- Shriraam

I think i too am following blog from 2013. Nice blog with so many youngsters jumping in and participating in weather.

- Aman

Actually I am a grandmother who was interested always to know more and more about weather. Once while I was searching for Weather forecast I stumbled upon Kea blog, word press one. First I was just a person visiting to know about rain forecasts. Slowly I got addicted to the blog. I am there always behind the scenes and have been here for the past 3 years I think. Only last year I think I registered for the first time. I love the way people interact here, mainly, you, PJ, RS Rao, Selvanfun, Partha Velayudhan, Jon, Gokul and many others. Now Kids are taking over the stage and sometimes I am surprised at the knowledge they have. I love to read through the bantering of the kids with the other elders in the blog. I don't know where to put ODM in this list, with the elders or the kids. I love the blog and love to be a part of it. Thank you for everything Kea./ Ehsan.

- Latha Jayaprakash (LJP)

Am not an active contributor either. Joined last year I think. Ironically I joined when I was searching for when the rains would stop so that I could schedule some work..and now am hooked. I check everyday to understand the science underlying...the weather for newbies link was so useful 😊

- Mathangi

Hello bloggers When I was googling in internet about the weather conditions of South Indian cities, I found a peculiar word KEA (Actually I know that KEA is a bird name). Interestingly I opened and viewed the comments in the blog. As I am also the person interested in weather from my childhood, I started to visit this blog daily but I was just only the spectator those times. But by the end of the 2014 year,I saw much enthusiasm in this blog brought by NEM monsoons and I too started blogging. In this blog journey I got some best friend who just think of weather like me. I usually used to see hardly 10 bloggers online till march (some times occasionally it reaches 25). I thought that this is an excellent place to share the views on various topics and finally I decided to blog in this daily I got acquainted to see many names PJ, Rao, Gokul, Selva, Ameen(Enthusiastic boy), Atchu(good friend of mine), Bhaskaran, Raghavendra, vinodh, Sai Krishna (Ashobha cyclone fan),Vinodh, Jeetu, Sudarshan, Partha, Jupi, Vignesh, VorticIITM, MitanSunshine(long ago from Orissa), Naresh, Kea(Ehsan), Shiva(Novak), shankaran and many others Hope this blog becomes good platform forever

- Kiran Kumar Reddy

Dear friends, please don't think in other way as my thinking will be little different always. 3 years back one day I come across a blog in other topic from Google. Then I got an idea to initiate a blog myself in weather as I am hardcore fan of weather starting at the age of 4 yrs. So Immediately I opened my own blog by using Google (I forgot it's title). After opening my own blog 3 years back I don't know what to do. So I searched Google about weather blogs. Then I found "xtreme weatherman" blog. Few days I followed that blog. But updates and replies (used to ask few doubts) are not frequent so I got little disappointment. Then again I googled and to my lucky I found " our ever enthusiastic dynamic kea-blog" in 2012. The dynamism in our kea blog due to lot of experienced bloggers (very big list) made me forget about "my own blog & Xtreme weatherman blog". This my earliest experience about our beloved blog, rest all you know 😄

- RsRao

I'am great lover of rain . I feel rain is very closely related to my life . Whenever there is a very good rainfall in a year (1997,2005), I had a great turning point in my life .And whenever there is drought or not so good rainfall my life too is not doing that good. I see Rain as a manifestation of my life and used closely follow it . I'm following KEA from early 2009 though i can't log in to comment in the blog (due to office security issue) . I use to be silent follower of KEA.

- Magesh Kumar

during the period of jal time every one shared their nick name regarding weather with their family,friends &colleagues,infact i also had a nickname called "weather venkataraman" (initiated by my father) i shared this in the blog.and debate between KR and KN,KR and Jon....i never came to know that Ehsan was KEA one day i asked PJ(not sure) then only i came to know in 2010.

- Vijay Nagarajan

Dear Bloggers.....I got addicted to weather after cyclone phailin.(2013)...And i eagerly waited for Nem onset (2013)...On those days i dont have any knowledge in weather including models forecast even radar too...So if i see any cloudy conditions i ll expect a rains like anything....but finally i ll get disappoinment most of the days....Depression crossed Nagai coast on nov 16, 2013 on that day i didnt sleep for single second..gone very mad about rains....Finally i joined blog on august 25 2014 after the day of cloud burst in nungambakkam...My first and Foremost message to jeetander tthat" today also we expect rains as yesterday?..he replied "Why not?" i dont know whether he remember this or not...Really i love this blog very much.....even all bloggers are too friendly...My only aim we all should be in blog forever and rock...hoping so..........

- Atchu

I got into this blog after reading news item in hindu three years back.

- Sunspot2014

I first came to know kea weather when thane formed I used to inter relate seeing the imd satellite images and the comments in the blog. After that every time when it becomes I used to visit the blog and see whtas going on. But I never made any comment just used to be a silent vissitor. Finally here I am entered the blog and and seldom make some comments

- Ravindran

I first posted my comment in Indian weatherman. Then found Kea blog. At that time I used to just view the comments. Later i started to blog in kea blog. Can't forgot 2005. Infact became lover of rains from that year. Mdu received more than 130 cms in 2005. Following this blog from 2011.

- Prad MDU

I joined KEA BLOG around NEM 2013. I got to Know about KEA BLOG only when I Search Chennai Weather. I was following the Blog for 2 years from 2011. For the First when I saw this blog I Thought that it was Maintained by IMD and I use to call Imd and ask about this Blog later on one IMD Staff says that Itís a Foreign Site :P and Then I stopped to ask about this Blog to Imd. Once a time I was using Java mobiles and I was stuggling to comment through that Mobile and I can see only comments through that and I was very eager to Join Blog and Comment About Weather. I Started to Love Rains from 2007 I Love Rains Much from the Time I used to see Sky and I Tried to predict Rains where I Live in Apartments and many used to call me as Rain Forecaster. I used to Love Nature from Childhood and Like to Visit Hill Stations. I joined the Blog on November 2013 through by calling Pradeep John (PJ) and I have came to know his Number through Blog and PJ has posted in blog to add his name to Whats App Group and I Learnt a lot from him and I used to call whenever the Rain Approaches And I came to know about the NOVAK (Shiva). From I Joined the Blog Have Learnt and Understand the things much which Causes Rainfall in Various Ways. After I Joined the Blog I came to know about Satellite and Radar Images First and I started to learn and to predict the Rains Even Accurately by Seeing the Radar. Before Joining the Blog I used to see only Cloud Formation and Movement of Clouds and I look Thunderstroms for the Direction where Clouds come from and I came to know more about the Clouds and its Types at that time through Google. From the that time i used to see Clouds atleast daily and I look Out the Clouds atlease once in a hour. I used to spent my hours here for Updating the status of Weather where I Stay and keep on Kept posting about Clouds and Rain Images. I gothrough this Blog daily and used to Read all the Comments and Came to know and Understand the things about Weather and Technical Terms in Weather and I Shared my Experience. I started Blogging from 2013 December and I slowly Tried to Understand the things about Rain I Started to Track System and Rains. I continuously Follow and Track Daily Temperature and Rainfall Data. I came to Know lot of Factors since I joined the Blog. I hope that this Blog Becomes more Legendry. I like to Thank the Experts which made me to Understand about the Weather and the Factors Contributing it. Thanks to PJ, Vela, Rsrao, Novak, Gokul, Selva, Vinoth, Jon Adam, Partha, Susa and Many others and Like to Thank Ehsan for Giving a Wonderful Platform to Share about the Weather and Nature. THANKS TO KEA BLOG

- Chandra Mouli

I started searching web in June 2013 for the rainfall data of chennai, when Metro water stopped daily supply and started to supply on alternate days. I found KEA blog. Till October 2013 I was just a silent spectator. When Selvan started to track Wilma in the early stages from near Philippines, I wondered how it was possible to say with such confidence that it will strike TN. I had no interest on weather, till that time. Got fascinated and addicted towards KEA blog there after. Today it happened dramatically in the morning, when my so, aged 8, saw cloudy sky and asked any UAC is there. I got shocked and stopped the car on GN chetty road bridge and asked him How he knew about UAC. He said calmly "I overheard your conversation last week on phone". He is already into weather, thanks to this wonderful platform. God be with you.

- Gajendra

KEA Weather changed life little meaningful to others by providing sms alert from 2011. It provoked my inner feelings much. Not only gave me good friends to me..thanks

- Senthil Kumar

I rarely blog. I am a silent observer. I joined kea family in 2012 Nilam time, suggested by my wife :) we were looking for cyclone updates and kea gave better updates than anyone. From then on I am regularly following the blog. Its been a very nice and a learning experience.

- Joseph

I am feeling happy to share my experience of getting into our very own Kea Blog. Being from a place blessed with bountiful NEM(Thanjavur), I had the love for rains right since my childhood days. Craze and affection to this nature's gift never left me anytime. But sharing the feelings of rain never was easy as no one would listen to you! My first entry into Kea was a mere coincidence! I was googling for Chennai Weather in a browsing centre. Google results showed something like "kea weather". To be frank, I wondered what "Kea" (Sounded Japanese then) had to do with Chennai weather. What happened after I entered inside amazed me. I never had any idea of what a blog is all about then! As I read through all the posts regarding Chennai rains, I thought this is where I should be. I never knew so many people would be like me cherishing rains! I had seen posts from Kea, Selva, Dashman(his funny posts), ashwinds, Karthik way back in 2010. I was a silent observer of our blog every now and then in those days(especially NEM). I had posted in 2011 as well, but totally forgot even the ID I used. During Thane days, I wondered how a bunch of people celebrates a cyclone even before it formed. My regular association with blog came as recent as 2014 and I got to learn a lot. People like Sel, PJ, Susa never sigh away from questions put forward. Though I could not contribute technically, I enjoyed every bit of my comment which I make. All thanks to Kea for setting a platform for people like me to share and cherish rains(weather). I express my thanks to all fellow bloggers who contribute here amidst their busy schedules!

- Kalai

First of all i love the rains very much than any other things in the world .whenever it rains i will first put the T.V anh watch the news and they say about the weather condition and after the news end again i see the news and they tell the same about the weather what they tell in the previous news so i get bored of seeing the same news many times .finally i typed current weather conditions of chennai in google and i saw the site as kea weather chennai and i click the link and i saw the kea blog and i silently watched the blog from NEM 2013 and i really began to love this site which automatically update the weather after every 3 seconds and now finally i also joined the discussion on SWM 2015. Now iam happy about that i also considred as part of kea blog thanks to KEA.......

- Arshad Hussain

I am very interested in this blog..... Firstly I thank my dear friends sai krishna and Steve.......they are heart touching guyzz.... Until April I am just a spectator in this blog In my college coimbatore.....which always receive less rain....I always wander in blog to see whether rain comes While travelling in train from kovai to tirupati I see this blog for whole night travel I am a native of saligramam,vadapalani....Chennai...during holidays I stay in Chennai.... I want to meet Steve who lives in tondiarpet and saikrishna..... Then I like rami concepts....simultaneously PJ and partha sir..... Once again I thank Steve Rodger and Sai Krishna and jeetender for being good friends in this blog....hope all read this and like this as a symbol of friendship

- Sai Praneeth

In 2012 during the onset of NEM season when ever it rains i used to check the weather update in google, at that time i saw the kea met site, in that site I saw many weather related links and satellite pictures and radar images. After watching that I used to tell my mom about the temperature of the day and how much it rained last day/night, it goes on like this after a couple of days i wrongly clicked the blog link, when the blog page opened i was weird and saw many post relating to weather on that particular day, after that I became a silent blogger for some days. A week later, I still remember that some experts said that a cyclone will form and hit the coast of chennai and I told my mom about that but she didn't accept that exactly a week after that NILAM hit our coast. This is my first experience here

- Soundhar Raj

I'm joined kea blog in 2014nem in november First of all I love rains and cyclone when ever rain in my area i will first put the T.V anh watch the news and they say about the weather condition and after the news end again i see the news and they tell the same about the weather what they tell in the previous news so i get bored of seeing the same news many times .one day i'm in browshing center to update my status in fb on that time dark clouds sorround that area so I want to see the current satellite image I was typed in google '' satellite image of india'' googles result show'' kea satellite image'' I click the link and saw the sat image and saw at the bottom something like kea twitter blog finally I create my own account stevejohn and start to typing my thought in kea blog My fav is rs roa sir I learned lot of from him about mjo and soi concept And great experts in our blog r pj selva gts andjunior experts like ameen susu vj fan sai sai praneeth anna and thanks to esham sir to settle this platform I love u guys

- Steve Roger

Dear @Kea-Weather Bloggers/friends/Experts/Kids, Some parts of chennai getting rains.. Best time to share my experience... I couldnt type long, bcs preparing class notes in another tab... So short and sweet memory from one and only proud Ramnadian of KEA blog... I love Rain, clouds from childhood more than my fiancee... !!! I almost stayed every corner of tamilnadu like erode, kovai, pondy, trichy, nellai during my ug and pg days and enjoyed many different varieties of rains.... Im following KEA from THANE days... But after getting enough inputs, started converse with our belove bloggers.. Instead of blindly loving rain, KEA gave me an opportunity to learn, analyze, educate etc.. much more about weather.... Whatever busy i may be, im spending atleast 30 min here daily to go through the proceedings.. I never slept without logging into KEA by midnight.. Thats the power of KEA blog...

- Tamil Ramnad

My memories with kea blog starts rolling from November 2010...I was studying in 12th standard then.. I was preparing for one of my monthly tests then.. Was studying in the terrace.. It was our infamous Cyclone JAL time.. It was so windy that day with fast drizzles.. That day in the terrace made me get inclined to weather.. I was fascinated by the dark fast moving clouds.. Horizontal sprinkle of drizzles with the wind.. When I came down, I was very curious to know why is it raining in Chennai.. Invariably, even I googled about Chennai weather and found the first result to be kea.. I entered site.. All I could understand is that the site shows real time weather data.. I could only understand the temperature reading and wind direction.. Everything else was Greek and and Latin.. Slowly.. As I explored the site more, I started unsertanding other parameters like the barometer.. Started deciphering the radar on my own.. I guess it was towards the end of that nem when we got a good lpa in GOM.. Around the end of first week of December 2010.. That's when I actually entered the blog for the first time as part of my kea site exploration.. Was reading a few posts.. Didn't find it fascinating initially and thought that it was just a bunch of jokers posting something random.. :p then as I kept reading it day by day during that last spell of nem 2010.. I became and addict to reading the blog.. I still remember our selva.. Selcylone he was then.. Jupijove.. Karthik Raghavan. Pradeep John..and of course.. Our thala K Ehsan Ahmed.. My favourite was selva..used to wait for his comments.. Then during the swm of 2011 was when I visited the blog again.. I think in June after a strong thunderstorm.. Appo lendhu ippo varikum I haven't gone through a day without visiting the blog.. 2 years since then.. I was constantly just reading the posts without typing even one.. Me being CA student got somehow introduced to Karthik Raghavan elsewhere since he is also in the same profession. I realised that he was only the kar from the blog only after looking at him entering the blog when I want to his house.. We then became amazing friends with common interests in both weather and CA profession.. I was in one of my audits in oragadam on a Saturday in September 2013 when Karthik gives me a call to come to his house as kea bloggers are coming to his house to fix his new mini weather station..that's when I got introduced to Novak(Siva), Ehsan and srikanth.. Since then, I actually started to blog.. In October 2013, after the infamous lpa by passed TN and gave humongous rainfall to AP, there was kea meet at Imd chennai with ramanan sir where I got introduced to other members of the blog.. PJ.. Sampath.. Jupi... Raijin.. Vela sir.. Sailesh..etc.. That's how the journey began.. And then I was added to the kea weather WhatsApp group.. Meetings in tower park.. 2014 pre nem meet with ramanan sir.. Its always been sweet memories and a pleasure in this place... A platform which gives weather lovers to kindle their interests and keep exploring.. Thanks a lot kea blog! Weather may have vagaries, but not my interest towards it! :)

- Seshadri

My Story My area is a desert. From Feb itself, the bore water will be dancing. So I used get neighbors OC Hindu paper to see the India map, whether chennai is white i.e cloud covered. In 2009-10, fortunately there is an article in Indian Express on KEA that they discovering the LPAs around 20 days earlier. Now only IMD is competing with KEA in saying that LPA is near Andaman or beyond that. Earlier days they will inform only after it reached us. This advance information took me to join KEA. Still I am a reader only, not interested in learning the Dr Rao ji like words. For reading itself it takes most of my office time. One word on KEA sir, you are a Killadi

- Shankaran Ambattur

I would like to share my experience too. I first came across this blog in 2009 November. That time it was Kea wordpress..Before that..In school days i used to see Hindu satellite image & Daily morning 7am BBC news. If any cyclones forms i used to see only BBC & predict it will cross our coast or not..The same story in BBC happened that time also..i.e today morning they will show cyclone cross TN coast & after coming from college if i see BBC,,they will show the storm will move to AP coast..I just get fed up & go to terrace and speak to clouds..Come pour here & go anywhere.. In my school days..after 6 pm i go terrace & just lay down & see the cloud movement with naked eye and tell to my mom..its going to rain--take out the clothes from terrace. That time itself my dad told u r weather scientist. I started to see kea forums in 2009, but little hesitate to post..But i watched the comments silently..At the time of cyclone Jal, In 2010 Novemeber, i posted my first comment & got introduced..Sel cyclone welcomes me at that time & kea also..So i got interested-- Many of them welcoming me--So why i can't be a regular member..but my job timings denied it..But i used to see daily & post at my free times.. Turning point is Cyclone Thane -- The system which forms in Arb sea & returned well to bob & makes it to TN coast..I had a inner feeling at that time & expressed in kea blog..It happened & made me to a regular blog..I was very much impressed by selcyclone..& then PJ, KN, jupi, jon, emnomc & the captain of the ship.. That time also kea post may be negative like : 1. Will Thane end up being Jal part 2? 2. Any hope for Chennai from Cyclone Thane? 3. Wait for the new system continues.. These topics made me to post more positive that time & it happened..But its not for hurting him..he brings back our positive energy silently & he is continuing till the same..i want to tell u one..if he post neagtive topic means-- he is not a enemy for rain, infact he loves rains much than all of only he is running a weather site..He wants us the positive energy from all of us--which will create a impact..& he doesn't want to create a hype also --like its going to rain toady.expect 10cm & above--because if it doesn't happened he knows it will hurt us & even the social media following us well..he want our site to be exact perfect forecasted one.. has improved well..we can see the site in our hand itself (phone) at anytime & anywhere..don't need a pc to see (6yrs before).. During Nilam cyclone, the day before i didn't sleep full night..just blogging & seeing the movement, radar..that was the day in my life..i didn't sleep a whole night..even b4 my marriage day..i slept well at that night.. Now days..nice to see more school going students r interested in weather & proving their experts..Technology improved well & our blog became famous all over the world..attracting by social medias & many of meteorologist also watching us.. Thanks to K.Ehsan Ahmed for providing the wonderful platform for weather..I wish the students to study a degree in Meteorology or Atmospheric Sciences to improve our Indian weather platform more..

- Rajkmr

Friends, As a typical rain lover like most of us here, always followed the rain happenings around the country mostly through the pages of The Hindu and BBC Weather till the time just by accident logged on to this weather blog through FB page when I was looking for some rain info. That was post Nolan and the date November 17th to be precise. The word "Kea weather blog " at the outset sounded interesting to me for two reasons. 1. Never knew the actual meaning of the word "Blog'.. 2. The word "Kea" sounded Korean to me at the first instance..Or some south east Asian country name. Curious enough, dragged the mouse, moved the cursor, clicked Kea weather blog....Oops..was in for a surprise straight away...The page showed a title.. "Another Cold night, monsoon revival possible next week".. To my pleasant surprise, found names like Selvafun, Sampathca, nellaivel, Raja, Karthikstorm ,Parthasri etc...Adrenaline started pumping within...Wow, names sound so familiar and that too names of South India n more precisely Tamizh...Pressed further to find out lot of weather discussions happening around which was Greek and Latin to me that day..(Even today)... Was thrilled to see a page dedicated to weather discussions and the enthusiasm seen among the handful of bloggers were baffling.. Took a deep breath and was wondering what to do here.. What can I post? How to log in?..So many queries within... Finally decided, bit of courage..nervous too..What would be the reaction from this group.. The above pic on the right was my 1st post..November 17th..7.41 am..Only thing I knew was 2005 deluge..Was quite natural. Chose a safer option and posted a query on it... After a gap of a day, decided to go with the current user name Novak Nole ..Out went HEAD Shivakumar as that was through FB. Within months found out that there were many regulars who were contributing and was curious to know whether they were friends already or whether they have met each other..Was shocked to know that no one from the blog have met each other except for few individuals... Felt, how can this happen when the same guys keep discussing about weather and have never met before..Thought of sending a message to Kea for a meet up of bloggers n for some reason kept it under wraps. Felt this is not on..I was curious enough to meet n interact with fellow bloggers n make new friends..Messaged Kea for a possible meet among bloggers to know each other.. Finally after much deliberations. The first ever Kea Meet happened at Jupis residence on June 8th 2013. Saturday. Was so thrilled to meet 11 other bloggers that day n Jupi's parents. What a memorable day it was... More than anything else..I mean. Forget weather learning. Knowledge etc..What I cherish till date is the new friends I've made since joining the blog. Value relationship more than anything else in the world and that alone will last forever. Thanks Kea (Ehsan,) for providing an.opportunity for all weather enthusiasts to express themselves without any inhibitions.. United we blog. Better we grow.. Thanks one all..

- Shiva (Novak Nole)

Like most of us here, from my skool days I was a rain freak particularly cyclonic rains that are packed with winds . couple of 2005 nem rain events, 2007 swm thunderstorms, 2008 nargis sat image on hindu paper still remains fresh in my memories... to be precise, cyclone ward is the force that pulled me and my friend richard here.. Before coming into blog, we two used to follow only the hindu paper content & IMD sat images for tracking weather. every half an hour v used to refresh the Imd sat image .. wen 2009 nem almost started to cease,my good time one system started to evolve ,was in developing stage in s.bay i dont remember the exact date it shld b dec 13 or 14th wen IMD reports claimed "system would move northwards for next 24 hrs , later the system would veer west twrds TN in next 48hrs and cross in between nagai and nellore "..v were confident &got excited after seeing tn landfall ,and amidst all this drama there were few lines in their report said "it may move north- northeast.. we were not in mood to bother tat ,neglected those lines and started jumping in excitement.. then came a shocking news from sun news in a flash update saying " no cylone threat for tn as cyclone ward started to move north"... we were puzzled after two different possiblities put forward in front of us and v were broken ,fed up and started googling for any other sources for realtime update.. luckily came across kea blog in wordpress (name sounded more of japanese) and saw few names karthik,jon,pradeep, ashwin,vinodh,dinagar,raja etc.. after few days of observing ,we started blogging and my frnd blogged with the name "richy".. he is not contributing after 2011 but he is following our blog and weather very closely thanks ehsan for making us to remind those days !!

- Selvafun

It high time I wrote about how I came across this blog and website. Like many of us, I was also interested in meteorology and used to surf over the internet to find weather related websites. Eventhough I had a liking to weather right from my childhood the 2005 NEM season was the game changer for me and for many of us. Subsequently in the year 2007, on the 16th day of August, I bumped into some survey through geocites for one of the weather related websites I visited. I gave my feedback saying the following. "Hello Sir, First of all i would like to appreciate you for doing a great job.I visit your site 3 times daily.But the only issue which i would like to bring to your notice is the lack of updates.Plz update all the links especially the link of the cyclone page.It will be useful for people like me whp are interested in the field of meteorlogy". Regards, Balaji I assumed that no one will ever read this feedback. But to my surprise, on 18th August 2007, I got an email from Ehsan saying the following, "Dear Balaji, Thank you for visiting my website and really appreciate you for leaving comments. Regarding the lack of updates, could you please let me know what is not being updated. I do know Cyclone page is not updated for a long time(I doubt we have received any cyclones since) Also its difficult to categorize cyclones in India. Sometimes IMD says its a cyclone where as international forecasts differ. I am no longer interested in maintaining the cyclone page. If you would like to so, I would be happy to hand it over to you. Best regards, Ehsan" There is always a overwhelming feeling when you come to know that there is someone who has truely valued your feedback and written back to you. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons I couldnt take up the oppurtunity to maintain that page and I didnt reply back to him either. It was so nice of Ehsan to give me that offer eventhough he didnt know one bit about me. I still continued to visit the site and get updates and I promptly joined the blog/forum be it whatever platform as soon as it was launched and there has been no looking back since then. I was more interested in cyclones and tornadoes (and thats going to be the case forever) than anything else and I wanted to learn the dynamics of a system and trust me this blog has been the perfect launch pad for me to learn. Whatever knowledge I have acquired today has come from the inputs of various people in the blog. I take immense pride in saying that I have been a part of the KEA blogging family right from its early stages even though I have not contributed anything towards its growth. Thank You Ehsan for your dedication and hardwork and I am pretty sure we as a team will surely be seen at par with the best of weather agencies in the near future.

- Balaji Sampathkumar

I am Rakesh Pandya from Pursawakkam. I have been following blog for the past two years. I always used to think that can't there be a weather bulletin like which can update frequently and precisely. My wish came true through Kea.

- Rajesh Pandya

I'm an outdoor person, be it sun or rain, but partial to rains.cycling in rains had been my favorite during school days. I used to sit for hours watching the sky change colours. Many thought I was a nutcase. Being here, I am assured Iam not the lone one;-) You, bloggers celebrate weather, rejoice when it rains, enjoy the varied colours of the world around during summers and monsoons. I'm amazed by your knowledge of weather. In your case,The love and passion for weather is the key to learning technicalities. Only When I got into farming, I realised the importance of knowing weather. I'm hoping to learn more about weather with your support.

- Surya

I started following kea from june last year from Australia, right from my child hood I am very curious about rain formation, still I remember my olden days watching the sky for rains!!!!!!!!. I love this blog because I was able to realize there are people who are fanatic on weather patterns. Now I am back in Chennai, makes me thrilled to read the bloggers comments, predictions and theories.......KEA rocks!!!!!!!!!

- Prasanna

To start with. I knew nothing about weather and like most of us here, enjoyed rains right from my childhood. Personally I like driving my bike in pouring rain whenever I get an opportunity. It was around July 2013, I came across Kea weather thru my FB page and got hooked on to kea blog straightaway. Initially I couldn't understand anything in the blog. My first post in the blog was " it's raining here in Parrys.." From August 2013 onwards I started blogging regularly. During that time got an opportunity to attend one the Kea meets at our captain's office Kanders, Nungambakkam. The meet changed the whole perspective of my attention towards weather n climatology. Though I was a silent spectator right thru the meet when others present were talking lot of technical stuffs, I was just keenly observe n listen what was being discussed. Went home and was curious to know lot of things which were discussed in the meet. Slowly started posting technical stuffs from then on. Interestingly, there were few bloggers who were asking questions like " will it rain in my area, when it will rain " etc... I felt an urgent need to update myself on the current happenings and started posting my own forecast . Was not worried whether it will come true or not..It did fail many a times, still I felt it was a big learning curve n a lengthy process. That made me to study and understand even further. It continues till date. Finally, I would like to thank Kea and other bloggers who have helped me right through and guiding me in understanding the weather concepts. Thanks one and all.

- Velayudham

My journey started with Keaweather blog during cyclone Jal. I was very interested in weather since school days and used to daily visit school library just to check INSAT satellite image in the Hindu newspaper. In 2007 i started following IMD satellite image page for the weather update. But in late 2010 when I found that system developing in BOB and forecasted to impact TN and South Karnataka, I got excited and wanted to know about the exact path of the system. So i searched for it and luckily I found out Kea weather blog. As i didn't know about anything about weather i used to visit the blog as a silent spectator from 2011 till 2013. After coming across the term such as mjo, enso, iod, radar etc in the blog. I learnt about them from the net and then started to post from 2013.

- Guest11K

Hi all fellow Kea bloggers, I came to know about Kea met site from the article which was published in the Hindu which carried the picture of Ehsan Ahmed holding an AWS .After reading that article about it I got interested to know about Kea metsite and how it works . Earlier i had a feeling that in India beyond Imd there was no other source of information to get updates on the weather conditions. Initially I was just an ordinary person who had a basic idea about weather which has summer/rainy/winter/spring seasons😂. After seeing the article in The Hindu I searched for chennai weather in Google which showed Keaweather amongst many other sites. Initially I was hesitant to sign up with the blog fearing that it was a paid site.😄 In the beginning I was observing the comments in the blog like an avid weather enthusiast. Come May 2013 in which happened Mahasen cyclone which made me feel it was time to get on board . Then after all the flip flops going in my mind I finally signed up. After that I came across many comments from the experienced bloggers like PJ, Selva, Partha, Shiva, Sudharshan, Vela, Vinodh and many others as the list goes on. I have seen intense arguments and counter arguments amongst the fellow bloggers. Also the humourous comments from mystery blogger named Original dashman aka Odm and few others. It made blogging interesting. It gave me a basic understanding of the weather and it's intricacies. I gained a lot from the bloggers' comments which were helpful to understand the weather concepts. After joining the blog I got to know about swm ,nem, ts ,uac etc etc. What is a ts? What are trade winds? What is itcz, mjo ? What does radar image means ? Etc. etc Thanks Kea for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Kea blog .It became too addicted for me at one point so that I did go through the comments even at 1:00 am night also . Thanks a lot to all the bloggers . Hopefully swm and nem should be good this year.😄👍 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

- Rame

Ehsan, saw that i did not write any comment till date in the bloggers story.. so here it is.. Started to look at Kea blog may be since 2009 /10. I am into energy monitoring and got interest in analyzing the atmospheric energy and see if we could link in some way or the other with current usage of energy. Also, had tried to see if any latest innovations in technology and implementations of the same in the city limits has an impact in cloud movement / wind movement etc. Haven't made much progress in that research though.. as it is too complicated and time consuming. But will love to continue. Was a silent spectator for a very long time and would just wait for someone to post the IMD radar link. Mostly Karthik or Selcyclone would post and I would try to understand what orange / blue and yellow means. In the beginning, I used to check in the blog for comments once or twice a day. You can go through all the comments at once. Saw the blog growing proportionately post 2012 I believe. More and more experts came in and took to next level. To the extent that posting a radar link now-a-days seems criminal :). Regret missing the first open meet at Jupi's place after confirming it in the blog because of some last minute work. My first meet was at Vela's place, when it was organized to meet Raijin when he was in a break from Japan. From there on have attended most of the meets and happy to rub shoulders with diversified group of people. From business men to farmers to corporates to school children and what not. The best thing about this blog is the diversified group joined together and trying to be as one with common interest - weather. Kudos to Ehsan for maintaining this and giving space to everyone.. The journey shall continue with greater success..

- Shankar